Tournament Rules

UPDATED ON 6/17/2019 at 11:03am EST

ALL tournaments hosted by SWAT Nation have the following rules by default:


  • The MINIMUM amount of teams for a tournament to be celebrated is 16. We fund prize pools and MVP prizes out of our own pockets, and for that reason, we want them to be accessible to as many participants as possible.

  • SWAT Nation reserves the right to cancel events wholly or in part in case of an insufficient number of participants, organizational reasons, changes of availability of teams/staff, force majeure or other unforeseeable events that render the execution of the event impossible and/or not worthwhile or that would lead to the organizer incurring unreasonable expenses in executing the event. SWAT Nation shall immediately inform participants of such changes.


  • Players will wait a MAXIMUM of 15 minutes for a round to start. If a team is not able to start a game within 15 minutes of the established start time, it will be sent to the LOSERS BRACKET or REMOVED from the tourney.

  • The ONLY exception to this rule is when a team is waiting for results from any other rounds to learn who their opponent is.

  • Players are not allowed to play in other tournaments while playing on a SWAT Nation tournament. Teams that have players infringing this rule will be immediately disqualified and removed from the tournament.


  • Use the appropriate Maps and Game Types indicated in the bracket. Failure to do so will result in ref stepping in BEFORE the game starts. If a game is started and played with wrong settings, no replay will be allowed.

  • Standard SWAT settings and maps are to be used at all times. Exceptions to this will be communicated by SWAT Nation staff.

  • Playing with mouse and keyboard is strictly prohibited in console tournaments. Teams with players using mouse and keyboard will be immediately disqualified.


  • Match scores MUST be WHISPERED on Twitch to a designated ref. Designated refs will be announced before the tournament, on stream.

  • Format of score report: Challonge Match Number: Team 1 Score - Team 2 Score. Example of a valid score report: 27: SWAT Kittens 1 - SWAT Kings 2. Refer to the ADDENDUMS section for more details.

  • Scores reported on the main Twitch chat won’t be taken into consideration. Please help us make this process fast and efficient. Play by the rules.

  • To access a tournament bracket, type !bracket at any time on NapTimez Channel. Also refer to the image attached to this section.


  • If a player can’t make it to the tourney, they will be given the chance to designate a substitute player.

  • If a substitute is needed, and the affected team can’t find one, SWAT Nation staff will assist in assigning a sub. For random teammate tourneys, SWAT Nation staff will attempt to find a sub.

  • If there are no subs available, the team will be disqualified and removed from the tournament.


  • If a player(s) disconnect or lag out, the game has to be ended and the map MUST be replayed.

  • The MAXIMUM number of disconnections is 2. If a disconnection happens after that, the affected team will lose the map.

  • If the affected player(s) can’t reconnect to play, the game will be ended and their team will lose the map.

  • If the affected player(s) can’t reconnect to play their next rounds, their team will be disqualified and removed from the tourney.


  • In case of having any problems or need assistance in resolving match disputes, please contact one of the designated refs. After agreeing to ref’s decision, it’s assumed the decision is final and can’t be changed.


Use the image below as a reference for reporting scores 👇
A valid score report for this example is:
6: Sexy Brochachos 1 - SWAT Kittens 2

Challonge Match Number:  6  Team 1:  Sexy Brochachos  Team 2:  SWAT Kittens

Challonge Match Number: 6
Team 1: Sexy Brochachos
Team 2: SWAT Kittens