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2v2 SWATMAS: Tourney #6



  • A Tournament where you sign up solo and get a random teammate that also signed up.

  • How will I know my teammate?

    • When registration closes, you can find out your teammate via a on stream raffle at 8pm EST at

  • Starting prize pool is $120, if you want to make it bigger, Click Here!

  • You DON'T need to be a subscriber for this tourney to sign up!

Registration is now open, click here to sign up!

Maps and Gametypes

  • SWAT (H5 Mags, H5 DMR, H2BR)

  • Maps:

    • Stasis, Regret, Truth, Rig, Coli, Tyrant, RipTide, Plaza, Eden, Mercy


  • Sunday December 16th, 2018: 2pm EDT

  • Registration deadline and bracket release: Friday December 14th, 8pm EDT

Later Event: January 18