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2v2 SWAT: Femme Fatale Edition


Say What?

We’ll hold a 2v2 Halo 5 SWAT tourney exclusive for the amazing girls of the Halo community. For a long time, our founder @itsprof, was looking into organizing something special for the ladies, and we’re very excited to see it happening now.

Teams will compete for their piece of a $500 USD prize pool. Additional contributions to increase the prize pool are more than welcome.

Apart from the initial prize pool, @itsprof is also rewarding an amazing Razer Kraken headset (yes, kitty ears included) to the MVP of the tournament!


We have a 2v2 SWAT tourney where you pick your sidekick and take it to the arena to face another deadly duo looking to take it all. We’ll be sticking to the double elimination format.

Mic is required during the entire duration of the tourney. We’ll be also conducting gender verification if we deem it necessary. We want to keep it clean and safe for all of our femmes fatales competing.

To spice things up, the weapons for this tourney are the H5 Magnum, H2 Battle Rifle, and DMR. The maps included are:

Regret    Colliseum
Eden      The Rig
Empire    Truth
Plaza     Refuge

When is it?

The tourney will take place on Swaturday, May 11th 2019 at 2pm EST.

Registration deadline is Tuesday, May 7th 2019 at 7pm EST. Bracket will also be posted IMMEDIATELY after the deadline (same date and time) on stream at

How do I register?

You can sign up at the bottom of this page. Enter your 2 team members along with your team name.

Gender verification will be conducted by @Veronickuhhhh and @HeavenlyyxD if deemed necessary.