ItsProf 🇪🇨

Prof is SWAT Nation’s fearless leader. He ensures all of our community projects are executed on time, and on budget. Prof loves to stream his gameplay, and is a hardcore SWAT player. His favorite food is crab legs.

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Heavenlyy xD 🇺🇸

Heaven is an amazing Halo player with a passion for SWAT. She’s also competed in many events at FPL, and SWAT Nation. She’s an amazing mom, and also a nurse. Heav has recently ventured into live streaming too.

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NapTimez 🇨🇦

AKA The King of Grind... If you haven't heard of Nap, you haven't played top-tier Halo 5 SWAT. He loves the community, and hosts tournaments that have been archived on the site! He likes frisbee and Tim Hortons.

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Zombie AZF 🇦🇺

Our beloved Zahmbie is a prolific artist. She takes care of all of our art pieces, logos, overlays, emotes, you name it. Zombie has been playing SWAT since Halo 4, which is her favorite. A huge heart, and a great shot.

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Nafburger 🇨🇦

Naf is our kind SWAT bear. He’s always friendly and funny, but don’t let that deceive you. When he takes on the Arena, he decimates the competition. He’s a proficient graphic designer too, don’t you love our logo?

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Markchous 🇺🇸

Mark runs a lot of the operations that keep our events and tourneys running silky-smooth. He’s also a great software engineer, and a passionate gamer. He recently switched to Halo, and SWAT is where his heart is.

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Veronickuhhhh 🇺🇸

Haley is one of the best female competitive Halo players in the scene. She’s attended many events on the Halo 5 including MLG New Orleans 2018, DreamHack HCS ATL 2018, UGC St. Louis 2019, and more. She loves SWAT.

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Forice 🇺🇸

Forice is SWAT Nation’s tournament caster. He brings the energy and excitement to competitions. You can catch him live streaming games and improvised music regularly. Forice has a corgi named Coffee.

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