ItsProf 🇪🇨

Prof is a software engineer and hardcore SWAT player. He created the SWAT Nation website. When he’s not developing iOS apps and games, he’s streaming or playing with other members of the SWAT community.

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NapTimez 🇨🇦

AKA The King of Grind... If you haven't heard of Nap, you haven't played top-tier Halo 5 SWAT. He loves the SWAT community, and hosts tournaments that have been archived on the site! He likes frisbee and Tim Hortons.

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Nafburger 🇨🇦

Naf is our kind SWAT bear. He’s always friendly and funny, but don’t let that deceive you. When he takes on the Arena, he decimates the competition. He’s a proficient graphic designer too, don’t you love our logo?

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