Swaturday January 19th 2019

There’s no better way to start of 2019 then to have a sweaty 4v4 Swat tourney! Swat4Life is unique in that it marks the beginning of TourneyTimez fusing with SwatNation.net. Swat4Life is not only a competition but a charity. The winning team will not only win $300USD but also decide where all funds raised by the swat community are donated to. This tourney is gonna be insane and one you don’t wanna miss.



Finished Dec.16th 2018

Swatmas was a 2v2 tourney that was a huge success and Nap’s best one yet! Participants signed up for the tourney and on December 14th 2018 they were given a random teammate via a draft similar to past tourneys. Swatmas had a total of 64 players and 32 Teams playing officially on the day of! The tourney had numerous crazy highlights that will forever stain competitive swat. Be sure to catch up on what you missed over the holidays with another look at Swatmas.


Random Duos Subtourney #5

Finished Sept 30th. 2018

Back by popular demand, Nap’s 5th tourney revisited random duos where players got teammates chosen out of a hat on stream.


3v3 SubTourney #4

Finished Sept 2nd. 2018

Tourney #4 was an amazing change from our traditional 2v2 format as we tackled 3v3! It was spicy and the teams that competed were sweatier than ever! Definitely check out the Vod in case you missed it!


SubTourney #3

Finished August 12th. 2018

Tourney #3 was a killer as we kept the same format and teams had a chance to duke it out for the second time. Yeet defended their titles as 2v2 champions from the previous tournament and reigned supreme. In case you missed the action watch all the matches featured on stream by clicking here.



Finished July 22nd. 2018

This tourney marked our first 2v2 tourney where teammates weren’t randomized. Yeet came out on top and many duos asserted dominance and made a name for themselves in this tourney!


SubTourney #1 Random Duos

Finished April 28th. 2018

This was our first sub tourney that entailed dipping into a concept of random teams. Players signed up solo and got a random duo via a draft. If you wanna check it out click this link.